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Our firm is actively involved in national organizations devoted to moisture protection, improving technology and at the forefront of setting standards associated with roofing and waterproofing.


We Can Do it All

Our dedicated professionals maintain the highest standards of excellence while incorporating the latest in investigative tools as well as utilizing an extensive manufacturers product library in daily activities associated with an ever changing and industry.


Assessment of Property Damage

 We stay at the forefront of the industry with the use of the best available technology to test and document your property damage. 

After a thorough on-site inspection, we use industry accepted third-party pricing databases and, if needed, work with structural building experts to prepare an estimate of what it will cost to restore your property.

Inventories of Commercial and Personal Assets

When an insurance company asks you to list all your property that was damaged or lost, it can be difficult to think through the vast quantity of possessions you’ve accumulated personally and professionally.

Through our systematic, on-site inspection and interview process, we’ll work with you to account for all your damaged or destroyed property.

Business Income / Business Interruption

As part of recouping financial losses, your insurance company asks that you prove the short- and long-term financial impact to your business. By familiarizing ourselves with your business and utilizing our expertise, we’ll develop a fair, accurate figure.

Loss Documentation

As part of the claims process, your insurance company requires you to “document your loss.” We help you prepare this documentation, and the final package we submit to you will be a professional recap of your entire loss.

To accurately support the total amount of damages claimed as a result of this incident, Orbis will create all documentation necessary (such as expert reports and test results).

Appraisals / Arbitration

In the event of a disagreement regarding the amount of your loss, an alternative method of dispute resolution may be necessary. 

Whether your case necessitates appraisal or arbitration, we have extensive experience in successfully representing property owners in these areas of resolution.


Try Our Proven Process

Design & Specifications

The preparation of a comprehensive set of drawings outlining the assembly of the various components to be utilized in the projects in conjunction with specification manuals providing detailed listing of acceptable products to be incorporated and installed.

Technical Information

An extensive library of articles, literature, manufacturers brochures and manuals dating back to the 1960’s coupled with years of on-site job experiences allow us to provide meaningful and concise information.

Budget of Costs

Preparation of accurate line item budget estimates of those costs associated with the recommended course of action or anticipated work, whether it be repairs to an existing membrane or total removal and replacement with a new roof system.

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