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Our management team has over 100 years of combined experience in the restoration industry; Orbis will help you tackle the countless details you’ll need to address at this critical and stressful time.


We know that, right now, you may feel overwhelmed, disoriented, incapable of returning to your normal business operation or personal life. And yet, life doesn’t stop—no matter how severe your loss.


We are loss consultants. And, every day, we help people just like you—people who find themselves in the unfortunate situation of recovering from a business property loss or personal property loss.

01. What is a loss consultant?

A loss consultant is a professional that advises business owners and families through the process of proper preparation, presentation and proper repair method following a property loss. A loss consultant also may work with attorneys, serve as an expert witness in trials, and act as an appraiser if a disputed claim moves into the appraisal process for resolution.

02. Why is it important to act quickly?

Property damage assessment, an increasingly complex process, takes a great deal of time, research, and documentation. Decisions usually involve thousands, if not millions, of dollars and often must be made quickly without a margin of error. That’s why it’s critical that you decide early on whether you’re going to handle the claim yourself or utilize professional expertise.

03. How can an expert help me?

Having expert documentation will relieve you of the burdensome process of documenting your loss and preparing your assessment. A loss consultant will:
* Compile data for structural estimates and content inventories
* Can assign value to lost items
* Estimate lost business income
* Take care of the myriad other details involved in commercial claim preparation

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